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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jim Reid at Lonsdale Gallery

Looking Ahead: Lonsdale Gallery Anniversary Show

November 12-December 13, 2009
Opening Reception Thursday, November 12 from 7-10pm

Lonsdale Gallery is entering its fifteenth year in Toronto. Over this time Lonsdale has fostered the careers of many great artists and worked to achieve its mandate to exhibit works that challenge interpretation and elicit reaction: contemporary painting, sculpture, experimental photography and installation.

This exhibition serves and an homage to the shows and artists who have helped to make our gallery what it is today and to the new talents who will be part of our future. For our celebration, we are showcasing a selection of just some of the great artists we have had the pleasure to work with. Please join us for the opening reception for special presentations and performances.

Featured Artists:
Ruth Adler, Nadia Amorroso, George Boileau, Jamie Bradbury, Cathy Daley, Maurice Ducret, Sheila Gregory, Osheen Haruthoonyan, Phil Irish, Philip Iverson, Joan Kaufman, Nobuo Kubota, Amanda MCavour, Alex McLeod, William Mokrynski, Julie Oakes, Mabel Odessey, Liz Pead, Jim Reid, Gretchen Sankey, Peggy Taylor-Reid, Tyler Vipond, Francesca Vivenza, Jay Wilson, Ilan Wolff, Pedie Wolfond
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Lonsdale Gallery is located in Forest Hill Village and was founded in 1995
as a gallery of contemporary painting, sculpture and photography.
For information contact Stanzie Tooth at 416-487-8733;
410 Spadina Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5P 2W2, Wednesday-Sunday 12-5pm

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