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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Street in Glen Williams" sells for $542,800

A. J. Casson must have loved visiting Glen Williams as much as the artists working at the Williams Mill. His painting titled "Street in Glen Williams" just sold at auction for over half a million dollars (
Set in the 1930's during the colourful season of Autumn this depiction of Glen Williams is a tribute to the beauty of this little village and an inspiration to all artists.
For the over 35 artists working in their studios at the Williams Mill, the river, the trees, and the historic buildings remind us how wonderful a village setting can be. 100 year old Honey Locusts dripping with fragrant petals peek through towering Maples while French Lilac shrubs intoxicate visitors while they stroll the Main street.
No wonder the work produced at the Williams Mill is some of the most inspired in Canada.

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the prince said...

Wonderful painting of a special place that still exists much like it was in the 19th century. The houses and churches are well worth a visit and the Williams Mill tops off the visit and makes it the place to go and see.