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Sunday, May 8, 2011

13 Cat Paintings, Friday the 13th & Other Lucky Numbers

Christine Montague, known for her figurative landscape and portraiture oil paintings,  has a lot on the go outside her stone building studio, too. Accepted as one of the 24 artists for the Salmon Run Project, she recently appeared as a guest on Rogers TV's "daytime" along with Rob Freeman, Curator of the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Search "Salmon Run" on Christine's blog Camera and Canvas to read about the process and to see the finished project.

Christine is also up for the 2011 MARTY emerging artist award, a Mississauga Arts Council annual award. This year, competition is vigorous with 17 other visual artists vying for this award, so wish Christine luck this coming Friday the 13th!

Speaking of luck, no black cats here! There is, however,  a cloudier of thirteen cats  of various other hues,  heading for the window of Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville, Ontario.  "What the Cat Saw" is a collection of Christine's oil paintings that feature or include an image of a cat. From petite to larger than life images celebrating our feline friends. This exhibit starts May 11 and runs until May 23rd at Dragonfly. Dragonfly Gallery and the Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre are  part of the Art a la Car collective of art venues.  Curious as to  "What the Cat Saw"? Visit the show to find out!

Christine also has a new blog. Follow Christine as she creates 100 6" x 6" oil painting portraits portraits.


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