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Monday, July 11, 2011

Get an Eye Full of 2D Art Styles unti August 14

Eye Full V opening: Williams Mill stone sculptor Mary Ellen Farrow congratulates  Marlene Madole & Mary Ellen Chapman
Until August 14th, 2011 almost 80 original art works by 23 visual artists are on exhibit in the Williams Mill Gallery, Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre.

The joy of a salon is the variety of style and size. A visual feast of art in the gallery.   Watercolor painting, oil painting, encaustic painting, mixed media painting, acrylic painting & photography. Figurative, floral and landscape art. Abstract to realism. Contemporary art. Traditional art. Small, medium & large art.

And to make the experience even more pleasurable. If you  visit the gallery on a Friday or Saturday afternoon ALL the studios of the Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre are open to the public!

Here are the artists in this year's Eye Full Art Salon -

Christine Montague
Gord Stuart
Marlene Madole
Harry Milanowski
Marg Peter
Inga Wehrmann
Karen Reczuch
Jo Walterson
Sherrill Girard
Jan Zimmerman
Bev de Jong
George Perdue
Sharon Chalmers
Mary Ellen Chapman
Lucille Weber
Sheri Tenaglia
Helen Vella
Jodi Kimm
Eileen Simpson
Lorne Winters
Herta Hajek
Nancy Farrell
Sonja Mortimer


Christine said...

Lovely show. Well done everyone. Miss ya!

Christine said...

Lovely show! Well done everyone. Miss ya!